New 2017 Redstar Rudy - Harry Family on

Friday, 27 January 2017

New 2017 Redstar Rudy - Harry Family on

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It’s a well-known fact that the most sought after and expensive birds in the world today are the Rudy bloodlines of Gaby Vandenabeele. In his last auction 17 young birds made a staggering 319,000 Euros (approximately £272,000) an average of 18,765 Euros each. In this auction there were 8 direct children of Rudy which sold for an average of €26,750 and the 4 top priced birds making €39,000, €38,500, €36,500 and €34,000 each. Also 4 grandchildren of Rudy sold for an average of €19,000. This is a new world record for Gaby beating his old record of €274,000 set last year with the same family. Rudy is possibly the best son of the world famous Bliksem,
Bliksem is the grandfather of Harry of Jan Hooymans.

The Gaby Vandenabeeles are more popular than ever. This is no surprise given the number of fanciers worldwide that have achieved fantastic results with Gaby's pigeons over the past 30 years. The remarkable thing about this family is they have been producing winners at the highest level for over 6 generations. Where will it stop!

One of the most famous pigeons to come from the Vandenabeele bloodline is Harry who was a fantastic racer for Jan Hooymans but more importantly he is now responsible for generations of winners proving the potency of this remarkable bloodline. Harry is possibly the best grandson of Bliksem.

Redstar have been fortunate enough to acquire double grandchildren of Rudy and double grandchildren of Harry. These birds are class specimens and will be paired together to further enhance this bloodline and blend the best winning genes from this family.

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