Premier Stud Heremans - Ceusters

Derek Leo 20041 Hand Picked 2018 Bred Heremans-Ceusters From The Very Best Of Premier Stud
"I can safely say these are without doubt the very best draft I have ever sent to AJ Redstar for auction. Once again many, many winners reported to me during 2018, including 2 National winners bred by me from these sensational winning Heremans-Ceusters bloodlines.

Auction Starts 25th October - Ends 4th November

Shield Bros in 2018 won 1st WDA Nat Maidstone with a bird they bred & raced from the exceptional combination bloodlines of Wild Wind, Better Than Bolt and Man O Chester
Sadly in this draft are the last ones ever bred from the Premier Stud super breeding hen Day Break as she died in the summer peacefully sitting her eggs. Day Break was an exceptional Heremans breeder responsible for a dynasty of winning racers and outstanding breeders across the UK. She will be greatly missed at Premier. In this auction are a son and daughter when the magnificent Day Break was paired with champion racer Better Than Bolt.
Also in this auction are a son and daughter from Wild Wind when he was paired to a sister of Super Sonic Mike. Sadly this super breeder may also be nearing the end of his breeding career as he missed his eggs earlier in the year although I did get 8 out of him in the summer of which 2 are in this auction. Unfortunately the last 10 eggs from him with 3 different hens have all been clear, so I fear the worse!

Like everyone else I have been buying some new additions to act as reinforcements to add to my breeders, these include the 2 London Combine winners, Ronnie and Reggie. In this auction are 2 daughters of Ronnie when paired to a daughter of Better Than Bolt x Dark Lady. Ronnie is winner of 8 x 1st (no duplications) incl
1st Fed, 1st LNR Combine Stonehaven 1,128b, 387 miles
1st Fed, 1st LNR Combine Perth 1,199b, 368 miles
The first bird bred from Ronnie in 2018 was sold to Fishlock Bros & won
18th Welsh Nat Burbane France YB
Another of my new introductions is Olympiade Emma a sensational racer and Olympiade bird for Slovakia. The first bird bred from her was sold to Mick Jarvis and is a 1st prize winner this year as well. In this auction are 2 sons of Olympiade Emma when she was paired to Mighty Wind, a top producing son of
Wild Wind x Euro Lady
Another introduction is Geraint Thomas, a super direct son of the world famous Kittel. Geraint Thomas is sire of winners incl 1st West Of England South Road Combine. Geraint Thomas has 2 daughters in this auction when he was paired to Pepsi who is sister to many winners, dam of winners & a daughter of the super breeder Wild Wind when paired to Pepsi Cola.

These new introductions plus some other exciting new additions to the loft have not come cheap and have cost well over £60,000 as I have ever faith these new bloodlines will prove to be as successful for the fancy as the current winning Premier Heremans - Ceusters lines.

If you have found success with the Premier Heremans-Ceusters bloodlines please let me know your results so I can report back to the fancy"
Derek Nicholls

Form is temporary, class and quality is permanent.

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