Justin Rogers Gaby Vandenabeeles

Justin Jack 200Justin has one of the best collections of M & D Evans Vandenabeele bloodlines in the UK
and has spared no expense in obtaining direct children of
Shadow, Golden Gaby, Jester, Carrie, De Bandiet, Carrie 2000, Top Investment, Lady Eisen, Joe Jones, Rolls Royce,
Queen of Diamonds,
Westkapelle, Carrie Black, Lady of the Rings, Logan, Ebony, Alones Legacy, Gabys Choice,
Young Bandiet, Shady Lady, Cruise Missile, Blue Lady, Solitaire etc.

Auction Starts 4th October - Ends 14th October


Darling & Ede

Darling Ede 200ADarren Ede & Tony Darling (Darling & Ede) Southampton
The new stars of the National Flying Club.
The partnership have invested heavily in some of the best National pigeons in Europe to compete against the Best of the Best. They have at stock direct children from Athena, Friendship, Olympic Samanta, Cow Girl, Heartbreak, Charlene, Minerva, Champion Valitas, Boomerang, Harry, New Harry, Beauty Harry etc
They also have in their stock loft Champion Teds Lad, The Teletext, Viviane, Maggie, Champion Vagabond etc.
Darren & Tony wanted the best National pigeons money could buy so went to the likes of Jan Hooymans, Rick Hermans & Mark Gilbert.
Auction Starts 27th September - Ends 7th October

Private Treaty

Gebr Heeres Zn 200Private Treaty Sale
A unique collection of Dutch pigeons bred by Heeres Brothers & Son (Gebr Heeres & Zn) direct from all their best racers and breeders.
Gebr Heeres & Zn are quickly making a name for themselves in the UK with many top lofts having huge success with them.
These pigeons are extremely versatile and are able to win from the shortest to the longest race in their program against massive liberations.

Auction Starts 27th September - Ends 7th October   

Justin Rogers Heremans - Ceusters

Justin Jack 200Justin Rogers (Bosliven Lofts Penzance)
Offers for auction a fantastic Collection of Leo Heremans from his top breeders and racers. 
Bosliven Lofts own sons & daughters of the following Leo Heremans champions 
De Euro, Jackpot, De Jan, De Power, Rossi, Wild Wind, Super Heremans, Gold Rush, Man o Chester, In Bred 003, Better Than Bolt, Day Break, Chiefton x Blue Thunder. Sister to Lynn, Parents of Tartan Bolt (Tam Blair), Brothers/Sisters to Better Than Bolt, Parents of Reliable (Tam Blair),
Full nest brother of Man O Chester
Auction Starts 20th September - Ends 30th September

Mark Evans Auction Sale List & Article

Mark Evans 200Mark Evans
Home of the World-Famous M & D. Evans bloodlines.
Auction Starts 6th September on
Mark is offering a complete full round of 60 x 2018 bred birds from his very best breeders.
The birds are rung with rings from GB18-Z-80301 to GB18-Z-080360. 
Unbelievable Quality. 
2 x Youngsters from Mark’s No1. Breeding Hen “National Carrie” Direct mother, grandmother to 1st National winners.
These will be the last two youngsters ever sold.

Herbots Brothers

Herbots 200These four birds are being re-offered for sale at a fixed price due to 
There were 6 unpaid for birds in the auction but we have managed to sell 2 of them leaving these 4.


Premier Stud Auction Starts 14th Jan 2018

Premier Logo 200For the first time in 30 years Premier Stud will not be having a stand at the Blackpool Show so all the birds that were selected for the show will now be offered for auction 
The birds on auction represent the best of all the Families we are winning with today and are also the last mature birds to be sold this season.

Good luck to all the buyers
Derek Nicholls
Premier Stud

Leach Brothers

LeachFamily 200Leach Brothers (Adrian & Rowan), a partnership established only recently, 2009 to be exact, from the very humble beginning we have excelled in the sport of pigeon racing far greater than we or anybody else for that matter would ever have thought over 70 X 1st prizes to date, a competitive instinct runs deep in our veins right from the tender age of five my grandfather would take me to local canary shows to exhibit my Border and Fife canary’s. I would often walk away with the red ticket, this I think fuelled my competitive streak.