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                A Complete On Line Auction Service


              What Our Service Involves


                           Photography Imaging & Design.

photographer 100                                                      We are able to arrange professional photographs to present your pigeons in the best possible way.  






5 Star Housing/Holding Facility For Your Birds.

Whilst your birds are being auctioned we are able to house them in a secure state of the art facility. A well ventilated controlled environment with automated cleaning to ensure the well being and health of your birds during their stay. Your birds will receive the best possible care and attention by our team of competent staff.



.Auction Website with On Line Bidding.

We have installed the latest internet auction facility where fanciers from all around the world can view and bid for your birds on line. Our auction site has automated updates and a count down clock for each lot so everyone has the chance to bid and ensure the best possible price for your birds. We can also send out sale lists for those fanciers without internet access and take telephone bids on their behalf.



thumb Marketing


Global Marketing & Announcements.

We can design your advertisements and announcements for display in various pigeon magazines and websites.




Dispatch of birds to new owners.

We will send out all the birds sold in the auctions to their new owners in the UK, including the despatch of the pedigrees and transfer forms. We will also assist sellers with the shipping process if their birds are sold to overseas buyers.



Debit Card, Cheque, Bank Transfer & Cash Payment Facility.

We will collect all payments on your behalf from the successful bidders and after deducting all necessary expenses forward you the balance.
We do not except Credit Cards





Professional Friendly Customer Service.

All you have to do is deliver your birds to us with the relevant details or we can arrange collection from you, then sit back and enjoy a stress free auction while we do the rest.



Commission & Auction Charges

Complete auction service. Adverts in the fancy press can be designed and submitted for an additional charge;


If you require us to arrange collect of the birds from you then an extra charge will be made

depending on distance and volume of birds.

If you require any additional marketing/advertisements P.O.A

 The Benefits Of Internet Auctions.


1. Internet Buying & Selling, This Is The Future.

2. No venue or stewards handling fees. 

3. You and your customers can view your auction in the comfort of your own home. 

4. Global exposure for the entire world to view and bid for your birds. 

5. We provide sale lists and a telephone bidding service for those without internet access. 

6. Maximum bid facility if you are unable to view the auction on the final day. 

7. Personal debit card payment facilities. (Sorry we do not accept credit cards)

8. Our professional competent team will do all the work while you enjoy the auction. 

9. Public auctions have a limited attendance due to the distance fanciers have to travel to attend. 

10. Stress free buying and selling.