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Golden Heremans 59 (C)


Sire one of the lofts best Heremans stock bird & sire of winners to Fed level. Sire inbred to super breeder Goudklompje & from the lines of Olympiade 003 & Den Euro. Dam sister to Mr Blue Skies winner of 1st Nat Barleycove 1,980b & a g.dtr of Di Caprio

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Sire; NL12-4413308

Golden Leo

Leo Heremans

One of the lofts best Heremans stock bird

Sire of winners to Fed level.
In 2019 sire of

NEHU19Z6422 winner of

2nd Club (BBLM) 20th Open Navan 4,394b

2nd Club, 4th Sect, 136th NIPA Open Corrin 5,902b

Inbred to super breeder Goudklompje & from

the lines of Olympiade 003 & Den Euro

G.Sire; Belg07-6379876

Inbred Goudklompje

Leo Heremans

Sire of 09/891 winner of

1st Boxtel 728b

1st Pommeroeul 2,760b

2nd from 12,000b

Son of Lichte Blauwe x Het Aske

G.son of Olympiade 003 x Goudlompje

G.G.Sire; Belg04-6073916

Lichte Blauwe


(G)sire of:
1st.Prov. ACE M.D. Sect. 8 in 2009
Olympiade Pigeon Cat F Poznan 2011
2nd.Nat. ACE L.D. WHZB in 2011
1st. NPO Chateaudun 8.855b
1st.Nat. Bialystock 4.171b
1st. NPO Laon 4.769b
1st.Peronne 3.676b

Descendants have won

1st Prov Ace Bird 6 races MD

1st Ace Bird Section 8 MD

1st Nat Ace Bird FCPR Romania One day Distance

1st Ace Bird Zutphen MD

1st Nijvel 8,356b

1st Venlo 6,392b

Lichte Blauwe is a son of

Olympiade 003 x Goudlompje

G.G.Dam; Belg03-6195384

Het Aske


Dam of Blauw Aske winner of

10th Nat Bourges 48,553b

1st Ace Pigeon YB Fondclub Antwerpen

1st Ace Pigeon YB Antwerp Union 2004

1st Ace Pigeon YB Zuiderkempen

1st Ace Pigeon Yearling Zuiderk

21st Prov Bourges 1,881b on 21/08/04

393rd Z Bourges 5,877b on 28/05/05

Het Aske g.dam of

Belg08-6049230 Sire of

4x1st Combine Yorkshire Middle Route

1st Up North Combine

8th Up North Combine 10,383b

10x1st Fed East Cleveland Fed up to 3,000b

53rd Combine 25,466b

Joint 1st Fed

3rd Fed 1,300b

10th Fed Ireland 8,000b

B08/230 also sire of

GB12Z10708 (Mr & Mrs J Hotham) Winner of

3rd Fed 287b, 15th Combine 1,537b.

3rd Fed 613b, 32nd Combine 3,346b.

2nd Fed 621b, 15th Combine 3,319b.

10th Fed 938b, 13th Combine 3,701b.

10th Fed 538b, 33rd Combine 2,803b

Het Aske g.dtr of Goudklompje

G.Dam; Belg07-6367932

De Wonder-Euro

Dtr of Den Euro x Wonderaske

Two of the best breeders from the famous

Heremans-Ceusters lines

G.G.Sire; Belg03-6192564

Den Euro

1st European ace bird Western Nations Cup Cat. A. 2004

1st National ace young birds De Reisduif

1st National ace young birds Ave Regina

1st Quievrain 2,687b

1st Quievrain 2,516b.

2nd Quievrain 4,924b.

4th Quievrain 2,120b.

Descendants of Den Euro have won:

1st Nat ace in national competition WHZB 2007

1st Nat ace in national competition WHZB 2011

1st Nat ace short distance Canada in 2013

1st Nat winner Beijing Eijerkamp Cuiwei Race in 2013

1st Prov ace young birds in 2007

1st Olympiad bird Cat. F. Budapest 2015  Germany

2nd Olympiad bird Cat. F. Poznan 2011

Italy 2nd Prov ace MD

2nd Olympiad bird Cat. G. Budapest 2015 - Germany

1st NPO Pommeroeul 18,952b.

1st Laon 10,548b.

1st Chateaudun 8,855b.

1st Tullamore 8,822b.

1st Nanteuil 8,414b.

1st Nijvel 8,356b.

1st Strombeek 8,000b.

1st Mantes 7,945b.

1st Hapert 7,861b.

1st Tours 6,565b.

1st Venlo 6,392b.

1st Orleans 5,965b

1st Strombeek 5,651b.

1st St. Job 5,547b

1st Peronne 5,282b

1st Boxtel 4,465b

1st Alsfeld 3,825b

1st St. Quentin 3,720b

1st Meaux 3,549b

1st Ceduna 3,535b

1st Roscrea 3,512b

1st Roscrea 3,354b

1st St. Quentin 3,305b

1st Balatonaliga 3,179b

1st Heusden 3,139b

1st Auxerre 2,988b

1st Pommeroeul 2,718b

1st Clonmel 2,644b

1st Morlincourt 2,474b

1st Meaux 2,375b.

1st Duffel 2,314b

1st Noyon 2,252b.

1st Strombeek 2,243b.

1st Pommeroeul 2,231b

1st Duffel 2,161b

1st Weert 1,992b.

1st Tongeren 1,932b

1st Granada 1,926b

1st Roscrea 1,713b

1st Meer 1,641b.

A grandchild of Den Euro (Team Schlief-Stiens)

won 4 x 1st prize &

Olympiad bird Cat. G. Budapest

A grandson of Den Euro won (Eijerkamp)

2nd NPO Soissons 8,508b.

A great grandchild of Den Euro (Müller Siegfried) Olympiad bird Cat. F. Budapest

G. G. Dam; Belg01-6094302


1st Nat Ace Pigeon Regina 2001

1st Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Antwerp 2001

1st Nat Ace Pigeon Duivensalon MD 2001

1st Bourges 1,347b

2nd Bourges 5,719b

2nd Dourdan 1,866b

3rd Orleans 1,422b

14th Bourges 42,763b

15th Orleans 10,034b

29th Dourdan 2,051b

103rd Qui 1,611b

Wonderaske super breeding dtr of Goudklompje

Wonderaske g.dam of the Premier Stud super

breeder Day Break

Wonderaske can be found on the pedigrees of

many top Heremans birds incl the sire of

Olympic Bolt winner of

1st Olympiad Pigeon Young Nitra 2013

Dam; IHU16S111952

Lady Di Caprio

Leo Heremans

Dam to 3 different YBs in 2019 with multiple positions.

Dam, g.dam of winners incl g.dam of

2nd Section 2020 for Glen Quinns

Lady Di Caprio full sister to

Mr Blue Skies (Dynasty Lofts) winner of

1st Club, 1st Section, 1st Fed,

1st Nat Barleycove 1,980b 2017

G.Sire; Belg15-2199372


Leo Heremans

Nest sister is dam of Dynasty Blue Max winner of

1st Fed 2,987b in 2017

G.G.Sire; Belg13-6196364

Blue Skies Snr

Karel Laenen

Son of Broer Gebroken Poot x H/sister Olympic Bolt

Broer Gebroken (Heylen Geert)

H/brother to Blauw Gert the g.sire of

Olympic Rosita winner of

1st Olympiade Nitra Cat F 2013

Blauw Gert sire of 480/09 winner of

1029th Bourges 37,357 birds

1st Angerville 955 birds

1st Quievrain 1,341 birds & Fastest from 13,188 birds

5th from 712 birds

7th from 949 birds

24th from 446 birds

From Noyon winner of

1st From 22 birds

59th from 1,371 birds

Broer Gebroken h/brother to

B11/6168055 super breeder responsible for

1st prize winners at Roziers.

Broer Gebroken son of Jackpot winner of

7x1st Ace Pigeon Quervain 2004

H/S Olympic Bolt (Stefaan Lambrecht)

Dtr of Vader Olympic Bolt x 10/386

H/sister to Olympic Bolt winner of

1st Olympiade YB Nitra 2013

1st Nijvel 1,655b, 4th from 6,899 birds

2nd Masseik 7,656 birds

4th Chimay 4,271 birds

21st Nijvel 1,576 birds, 60th from 7,754 birds

G.G.Dam; Belg12-6123895

Super Mooi

Leo Heremans

G.dtr of De Gebroken Poot x Mother Bolt the

parents of Bolt winner of

1st. Nat. ace bird short distance young KBDB 2012

4th. Olympiad ace bird Cat. F Nitra 2013

2nd. Quievrain 2,707 birds

3rd. Quievrain 1,881 birds

7th. Quievrain 2,507 birds

8th. Quievrain 1,701 birds

12th. Quievrain 2,131 birds

15th. Quievrain 1,914 birds

G.Dam; Belg13-6122181

Di Caprio Junior

Leo Heremans

Sold with her brother to China for 50,000 euros

Dam of many top 10 prize winners at Club & Prov level

Di Caprio Junior dtr of the famous racer & breeder

Di Caprio (L Heremans)

G.G.Sire; Belg05-6045015

Di Caprio


Winner of
1st 1,928 birds
1st 1,580 birds
1st 1,278 birds
3rd 1,267 birds
3rd 658 birds
8th 2,622 birds
10th 851 birds
12th 1,583 birds etc &
sire of Den Olympiade winner of
2nd Ace Speed Pigeon KBDB 2002

Off spring of Di Caprio have won
3rd. Olympiade Pigeon Nitra Cat A in 2013
3rd. Serbian Olympiade Pigeon Cat G in 2014
1st.Duffel  2.161b
1st.Weert  1.973b
1st.Quievrain 1.928b
2nd.Sittard 16.739b
5th.Weert  20.446b

Di Caprio is a son of Jackpot & g.son of

Olympiade 003 x Blauw Kampioentje
Jackpot sire of
Olympic Vivian winner of
3rd.Nat. Olympiade Pigeon M.D. in 2013
1st. NPO Nanteuil 8.663b
1st.Meer  7.001b
1st.Pommerouel  961b
2nd. NPO Breuil 5.848b
2nd.Breuil 4.396b
2nd.Pommeroeul 1.523b
Jackpot sire of Jack winner of
1st.Pommerouel  4.946b
7th. NPO Peronne 10.274b
9th. Morlincourt  2.155b
Jackpot sire of Ted winner of
4th. NPO Breuil 5.848b
2nd Peronne 3.676b
3rd.Pommeroeul  4.946b

G.G.Dam; Belg11-6240744

Blue Kannibaal

Dirk Van Dyck

Dtr of Blauw Goei Jaarlingske winner of

1st Belgium West Europese Ace Bird 2009

& winner of 4x1st

Blue Kannibaal g.dtr of De Kannibaal x Zuster Rambo