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Olympiade Euro 68 (C)


Sire; Pipa Olympiade Sire of winners with 7 different hens inc 7 x 1st Prizes & 4th Combine 3,000b. Dam; Lady Wild Euro Top breeding hen and dam of 1st Club 4th Combine 3,000b, 1st Club 1st Federation, 24th Open SNFC Maidstone 2020.

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Sire; Belg13-6075687

Pipa Olympiade

Leo Heremans

First year at stock.

Sire of winners with 7 different hens including

7 x 1st Prizes & many Combine prizes including

4th Combine 3,000 birds.

G.son of Olympiade 003 x Dtr Olympiade &

De Power x Moeder 081/10 (Sister Natalia)

G.Sire; Belg08-6385220

Inbred Olympiade

Leo Heremans

Son of the famous Olympiade 003 when he was

paired to his own dtr.

G.son of Vader Olympiade x Moeder Olympiade & Olympiade 003 x Blauw Kampioentje.

G.G.Sire; Belg01-6455003

Olympiade 003


Winner of

Olympiad Pigeon Lievin 2003

2nd Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB 2002

1st Noyon 1,931 birds

1st Noyon 1,393 birds

1st Quievrain 390 birds

2nd Noyon 1,242 birds

One of the best breeders ever.

Responsible for a dynasty of winners including

1st Peronne 43,623 birds

1st Boxtel 19,605 birds

1st Creil NPO 18,866 birds

1st Haasrode 16,209 birds

1st NPO Morlincourt 14,598 birds

1st Nat. Mantes La Jolie 12,999 birds

1st NPO Orleans 10,816 birds

1st Pommeroeul 10,398 birds

1st Orleans 10,375 birds

2nd Hemau 53,996 birds

1st Tennenlohe 6,292 birds

1st Creil 6,247 birds

1st NPO Ablis 6,179 birds

1st Prov. Orleans 6,067 birds

1st Strombeek 5.651 birds

1st Strombeek 5,547 birds

1st Pommeroeul 4,946 birds

G.G.Dam; Belg06-6410620

Half Sister to De Jan

Daughter of Olympiade 003 when paired to the mother of De Jan responsible for the De Jan Dynasty of top

Leo Heremans birds.

De Jan was also a fantastic racer and won

6 x 1st prizes plus

1st Nat. Ace Ave Regina 2002

2nd Nat. Ace Ave Regina 2004

De Jan is the g.sire of "Olympic Sperwer" winner of

1st Olympiad acebird Nitra cat. F 2013

De Jan is the g.sire of "Dubbel Aske" winner of

1st Nat. Ace Superduif 2008

De Jan is the g.g.sire of "Nieuwe Olympiade" winner of

Olympiad pigeon Poznan cat. F 2011

De Jan full brother to Bettini winner of

2nd. Nat. acebird Duivenblad 2006

1st St. Denis 735 birds

5th Montrichard 162 birds

6th La Souterraine 1,580 birds

7th Noyon 330 birds

9th Quievrain 1,267 birds

35th Prov. Bourges 5,143 birds

73rd Prov. Argenton 4,912 birds

G.Dam; Belg11-6333774

Dtr De Power

Leo Heremans

Dtr of De Power x Moeder 081/10 (Sister Natalia)

G.dtr of Olympiade 003 x Blauw Kampioentje &

Favoriet x Moeder Natalia

De Power brother to the super breeder Jackpot

Natalia Winner of
1st Ace Pigeon Antwep Union 2004
10th Ace Pigeon KBDB 2005
6th Bourges 14,207 birds
25th Vierzon 14,073 birds
23rd Chateauroux 4,395 birds
1st from 357 birds
5th from 952 birds
7th from 947 birds
40th from 3,934 birds
39th Blois 2,661 birds
28th Argenton 1,727 birds
12th from 738 birds

G.G.Sire; Belg06-6410690

De Power

Full brother to super breeder Jackpot whose descendants have won
1st Prov Ace Pigeon Middle Distance 2012
1st NPO Peronne 9,303 birds
1st NPO Nanteuil 8,663 birds
1st Heerenberg 11,023 birds
1st NPO Orleans 3,164 birds
1st Nijvel 10,836 birds
1st Tullamore 8,822 birds
1st Meer 7,001 birds
1st Pommeroeul 4,946 birds
1st Rosscrea 3,512 birds
1st Rosscrea 3,354 birds
1st 1,064 birds
1st Clonmel 2,644 birds
1st Boxel 2,157 birds
1st Deventer 2,139 birds
1st Quievrain 1,928 birds
1st Quievrain 1,580 birds
1st Quievrain 1,278 birds
1st Rethel 1,149 birds
1st Pommeroeul 961 birds
1st Breuil le Vert 875 birds etc

G.G.Dam; Belg06-6405134

Zuster Natalia 536

Mother of Kleine Blauwe.

Kleine Blauwe winner of

4 x 1st Prizes including

12th National 2011

1st against 1,174 birds

1st against 634 birds

1st against 301 birds

1st against 243 birds

2nd against 338 birds

3rd against 1,852 birds

4th against 265 birds

5th against 1,544 birds

Kleine Blauwe  also super breeder and sire to

Olympic Schanulleke winner of

1st National Ace Pigeon Long Distance NPO 2010,

3rd Olympic Pigeon Poznan 2011 etc.

Zuster Natalia 536 is a direct daughter of

Favoriet & Mother Natalia.

Dam; NEHU17Z6779

Lady Wild Euro

Top breeding hen and dam of many winners including

19Z6433 winner of

1st Club 4th Combine 3,000 birds

18Z6058 winner of

1st Club 1st Federation

24th Open SNFC Maidstone 2020.

G.Sire; DV0824-11-205

The German Cock

Fantastic producer sire and g.sire to many winners and breeders of winners including

1st Club 1st Federation

1st Club 4th Combine 3,000 birds

24th Open SNFC Maidstone.

G.G.Sire; Belg05-6045481

Son Euro x Goudklompje

Direst son of two prolific breeders Den Euro & Goudklompje

Den Euro winner of

1st International Acepigeon Western Nations Cup SD
1st Nat Acepigeon De Reisduif 2003 YB
1st Nat Acepigeon Ave Regina 2003 YB
1st Quievrain against 2,687 birds
1st Quievrain against 2,516 birds
2nd Quievrain against 4,924 birds
4th Quievrain against 2,120 birds
Descendants to Euro are winners

of the following prizes:
1st NPO Pommeroeul against 18,952 birds
1st NPO Chateaudun against 8,855 birds
1st Tullamore against 8,822 birds
1st Nijvel against 8,356 birds
1st Strombeek against 8,000 birds
1st NPO Tours against 6,565 birds
1st Venlo against 6,392 birds
1st NPO Orleans against 5,965 birds
1st Nat Ace pigeon The Netherlands birds
1st Provincial Acepigeon Section 11 SD
1st Nat Ace pigeon WHZB 2007 birds
1st International Acepigeon Canada 2013 Short Distance
2nd Olympiad pigeon Croatia - Brno 2014 Olympiad Cat G
2nd Acepigeon Section 10 Middle Distance
6th arriving pigeon SAMDPR 2014 Hot Spot Race
7th Acepigeon CC Lingewaard Short Distance
7th Acepigeon CC Lingewaard All-round etc

Goudklompje super breeder and dam of Wonderaske winner of
1st Nat Ace pigeon overall Ave Regina 2001
1st Ace pigeon Antwerp fondclub 2001.
1st Ace pigeon Salon 2001 middle distance
2nd Dourdan 1,866b
8th interprov. Vierzon 3,621b
14th Nat. Bourges 42,763b
15th Prov. Orleans 10,034b
29th Dourdan 2,051b
52nd Nat. Argenton 23,493b
Wonderaske considered one of the best youngsters in the 
Antwerp Union over the past decade
Goudklompje dam of 
Moeder Euro, Gertje dam of De 426 winner of 5 x 1st,
De 426 top breeder incl sire of Will, Wilma, 
Gertje g.dam of Samson winner of
1st Nat Argenton 33,097b

G.G.Dam; Belg06-6148299

Schwester Den Euro


G.dam of Olympic Dream co winner of

3rd & 6th Champion Youngsters Germany

& winner of 8 racing prizes

Schwester Den Euro is a sister to the

world famous Den Euro

G.Dam; NL11-1922499

Blauwe Lady

Dam of 1st Prize winners including 1st Federation.

Full sister to De 33 the Box 9 Cock for Curtis Wall & Lunt.

Direct children of Box 9 Pair have won

9 x 1st Feds in 3 seasons.

G.G.Sire; Belg08-6385219

Super Blue

Leo Heremans

Sire of De 33

(Box 9 Cock for Curtis Wall & Lunt)

Direct children of Box 9 Pair have won

9 x 1st Feds in 3 seasons

G.child of Box 9 Pair won

5th Open Messac 383 miles

657 birds 23/06/18

16/06/18 Cheltenham 100 miles saw

5 birds arrive together for Curtis, Wall & Lunt,

3 birds were g.children of the Box 9 Pair winning

1st, 2nd, 3rd Mid Cheshire Fed 945 birds

02/06/18 Mangotsfield 129 miles Curtis, Wall & Lunt won 3rd Fed, 1,288 birds with a g.son of Box 9 Pair. This yearling cock had won 4th Fed the previous week but was beaten by loft mates

G.children of the Box 9 Pair won for C,W&L

2nd & 3rd Fed Mangotsfield 55 members

sent 1,055b 18/08/18

De 33 (Box 9 Cock) is sire of De 69 winner of

1st Fed Mangotsfield

1st Fed Mangotsfield

1st Fed Cheltenham

2nd Fed Mangotsfield (beaten by loft mate)

2nd Fed Cheltenham (beaten by loft mate)

2nd Fed Worcester (beaten by loft mate)

3rd Fed Yeovil

The hen of the New Box 9 Pair for C,W&L

is a dtr of De 33 x De 20 (Box 9 Pair)

Super Blue top producing son of Olympiade 003

Olympiade 003 Winner of

Olympiade Pigeon Lievin 2002

2nd Nat Ace Pigeon KBDB Snelheid 2002

2nd Olympiade Pigeon Belgium 2005 vitesse

1st Quivrain 390 birds 
1st Noyon 193 birds 
2nd Noyon 1,242 birds 
2nd Noyon 485 birds 
3rd Noyon 1,322 birds 
4th Noyon 873 birds 
4th Noyon 454 birds 
5th Quivrain 265 birds

Olympiade 003 is responsible for generations

of winning birds including

1st NPO Peronne tegen 13.203 birds

1st Nat. Mantes la Jolie tegen 12.999 birds

1st NPO Chateaudun tegen 8.855 birds

1st Tullamore tegen 8.822 birds

1st Strombeek tegen 8.000 birds

1st Mantes la Jolie tegen 7.911 birds

1st Pommeroeul tegen 7.262 birds

1st Sens tegen 6.400 birds

Olympiade 003 is sire of Jackpot & g.sire of

Di Caprio winner of

1st Quievrain 1928b
1st Quievrain 1580b
1st Quievrain 1278b
3rd Quievrain 1267b
3rd Quievrain 658b
8th Quievrain 2622b
10th Quievrain 851b
12th Quiervrain 1583b

G.G.Dam; Belg09-6269376


Leo Heremans

Dtr Den As

H/sister to Passion

Den As key breeder for Heremans & winner of

1st Ace Bird Hafo Turnhout 2004

2nd Nat Ace Bird Ave Regina Hafo

2nd Dou 1,535b

3rd Noyon 1,074b

3rd Dou 724b

3rd Qui 273b

4th Dou 882b

4th Tou 781b

4th Noyon 307b

5th Mel 1,242b

7th Tou 873b

8th Noyon 998b

26th 1,436b

Den As sire of Passion

Passion sire & g.sire of winners including

1st Fed 1,500b 2010

1st L.S.E. Classic Falaise 2010

11th Combine 3,624b

3rd Fed 877 birds

1st Combine 2,391b

20th Fed 1,197b, 30th Combine 2,157b

Passion is sire of the Premier Stud super breeding hen Day Break &

Parkside Premier winner of UNC Bird of the Year