Premier Stud

Heremans/Ceusters & Van den Bulck

In this final 2020 auction Premier Stud have selected 31 top quality youngsters from their best breeders of the Heremans/Ceusters & Van den Bulck families. This will be the last opportunity to acquire some of these very special birds in 2020.

Auction Starts - 25th November - 6th December

S & P Kulpa - Reading

S P Kulpa 200 Nov 2020S & P Kulpa offer for auction 15 superbly bred birds from their best Heremans-Ceusters & Stefaan Lambrechts.
This family are winning against big birdage against top competition and many of their racers are multiple 1st Prize winners.

18 x 1st Club prizes, 4 x 1st Fed prizes 2020 including
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th against 3,706 birds 2020

Auction Starts - 25th November - 6th December

Campbell & Curran - Reduction Sale

Campbell Curran 200Campbell & Curran - Leo Heremans & Van den Bulck reduction sale of 61 birds including Proven Breeders, Young Bird Racers & Youngsters. Eamon & Gerard have decided to part with 7 of the super breeders from their breeding loft which have bred multiple 1st Prize winners over 2 generations including prize winners from high birdage races. Also on offer are their entire young bird cock race team as they specialize in racing hens and only race the cocks as young birds. There are also a number of mature youngsters that are mostly children of the 7 super breeders on auction.

Auction Starts - 19th November - 29th November

Jacob Poortvliet The Dutch Legend

Jacob en Antje sept 200Jacob Poortvliet - The Dutch Legend
1st National Chalons En Champagne 6,919 birds & Fastest from 37,447 birds 2019.
Jacob offers for auction 15 superbly bred birds that represent the best bloodlines of his fantastic National winning family.

Auction Starts 11th November - Ends 22nd November

Koen Van Roy - Asse Belgium

Koen Van Roy 200Koen Van Roy only invests in the very best from all the modern day champions regardless of breed. His main families are Leo Heremans, De Rauw – Sablon, Jan Hoymans, Gerard Koopman, Dirk Van Dijck, and recently the very best of the Dirk Van den Bulck family. Koen has never spared any expense when selecting new breeders to go into his stock loft and if they don’t live up to his expectations then they have to go regardless of what they cost. Koen is a very successful fancier winning many 1st prizes every year and all the offspring from his breeders are toughly tested in the highly competitive Belgian racing scene. Any not making the grade are out including their parents!
On offer in this very special collection are direct children from his best breeders and racers.

Auction Starts 28th October - Ends 8th November

Nouwen- Paesen - Barcelona Specialists

Nouwen Paesen 200Ten of the Best Barcelona Bloodlines
Nouwen- Paesen offer for auction 10 superbly bred birds from the best of their long distance marathon family. This family are based on the old original Cattrysse bloodlines that have kept these fanciers at the very top of their game since the 1960s. The Cattrysse pigeons were well known for excelling on very hard days especially from the distance and would turn up when nobody else had seen any. The modern day stars of this family are Super 48, Super 14 and Narbonne. Super 14 is a half-brother to Super 48. Super 48 was the Best international Ace Pigeon of Barcelona between 2012 and 2014 winning the Gold Wing Barcelona, 1st Provincial 1,598 birds, 6th National Barcelona 8,764 birds, 25th International Barcelona 21,169 birds.
Auction Starts 8th October - Ends 18th October

New From AJ Redstar Auctions

Coming Soon From AJ Redstar Auctions  

Load Your Own Auction 200


We are proud to announce the introduction of a new Load Your Own Auction facility on
At this exceptional time we are all living through, adjustments have to be made to our lifestyle until the pandemic eases. We know that many of you will miss the opportunity to go to the pigeon shows to sell and buy new birds. In recognition of this AJ Redstar has commissioned a new service to be added to our website

C Jackson & Sons - Cornwall

C Jackson Sons Photo 200C Jackson & Sons - Heremans Ceusters
The partnership own an elite collection of Heremans Ceusters with the loft brimming with outstanding breeders. On offer are 22 mature superbly bred 2020 birds from their very best breeders and 2 older stock birds.

Auction Starts 5th November - Ends 15th November

Alan Atkinson Bereavement/Entire Clearance Sale

Alan Atkinson 17 September 200This auction comprises of the present day No1 breeder New Salto, the rest are mainly yearlings and due to Alan’s ill health were only lightly raced as young birds and not at all as old birds. These birds are bred from the best and are brothers, sisters and children of all Alan’s top racers and breeders.

Auction Starts Thursday 17th September - Ends Sunday 27th September 2020

Mark Evans Auction Catalogue

Mark Loft 2020 Sept 200Online Auction on behalf of Mark Evans.
The Master Breeder behind the World-Famous M & D. Evans Bloodlines.

Auction Starts 10th September – Auction Ends 20th September