Doonan & Mc Guinness (Northern Ireland)

Hans EJ Stefaan 200Doonan & Mc Guinness (Northern Ireland) Stock Release Of Direct Eijerkamp - Stefaan Lambrechts
Due to the age of these breeders (2014 -2015) the partnership has decided to part with their direct Eijerkamp - Stefaan Lambrechts and put their best children to stock instead. On auction are 28 Stefaan Lambrechts bred by Eijerkamp & 2 direct from Stefaan Lambrechts.
These are beautiful medium build, apple bodied pigeons with silky feathering that OOZE QUALITY and would grace any loft.

Auction Starts 11th October - Ends 21st October

Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp only introduce the very best pigeon into their lofts at the Greenfield Stud. In 2012 they wanted to introduce a family of sprint short distance pigeons.
On the advice of Willem de Bruijn they acquired a full round of youngsters from Stefaan Lambrechts who’s pigeons were dominating the sprint races for himself and others. These pigeons were raced in the late races with great success winning 1st & 2nd Peronne against 2,623 birds. They were so impressed with these birds that in 2013 they went back for another round which also performed extremely well. In 2014 another round of youngsters came to Greenfield Stud and these were destined for the breeding loft after going through a strict selection process. Eijerkamp now have an agreement with Stefaan that in the future they can introduce any new successful Stefaan Lambrechts bloodlines into their breeding program.

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