Gerald MacPherson

De Stayer 200Gerald MacPherson from Scotland offers for auction a truly magnificent collection of Long Distance Marathon pigeons from the Jan Aaden bloodlines of Jac Steketee, Jan Cools, Jo Hendrix, Van Wanroy, Ligtenberg, Van Agtmaal, Piet Lazeroms, Jan Polder, Twan Bongers, Kuypers Brothers, Hagens Brothers, Ronald Geerdink, Piet de Vogel etc.

These are typical Marathon pigeons with medium to small build which gives them the ability to fly all day and well into the night, sometimes arriving at their home loft in the total darkness.

Below is a small introduction to the base of some of these pigeons.

Jac Steketee started pigeons in the early 1970s and in 1975 obtained pigeons from Jan Cools who became a very good friend. Many fanciers owe their success to the birds of Jan Cools who was a long standing friend of the world famous Jan Aarden. Jan Cools exchanged pigeons with Jan Aarden and was able to get the best of his family. Jac Steketee also had pigeons from Jo Hendrix of Twello and It was this combination that formed the base of the Jac Steketee loft.

Steketee B

Three Jan Aarden Enthusiasts

Frans Van Pererstraten, Piet De Vogel & Jack Steketee

With these bloodlines Jac Steketee became a highly successful fancier and specialised in the overnight long distance races in Europe. Jac is from Bruinisse in the Netherlands and lives on an island off the North Sea, a very difficult place to race pigeons.
His pigeons are unique and are very closely inbred to the old original Jan Aarden x Van Wanroy. They are extremely beautiful pigeons of pure quality with a medium to small build and brilliant eyes.

De Stamvader 788

His foundation pigeons are De Stamvader 788 from Jan Cools & De Stayer who was bred from a cock of Jan Cools x Jo Hendrix and his mother was Piet Lazeroms x Van Agtmaal. The world famous De Dolle was bred out of two pure Jan Aarden pigeons via Ligtenberg and Van Agtmaal.
De Stamvader 788 is the sire of De Marseille who was 4th National Marseille
De Stayer was a fantastic racer from the long distance national races winning many prizes including 1st International Ace great Long Distance.

De Stayer

Many successful long distance Dutch lofts owe their success to this family of pigeons including Jan Polder and Piet de Vogel.
Jan Polder went to Jac Steketee in 1985 and purchased 15 latebreds. These pigeons were kept for breeding and later on it turned out that Jan had made the purchase of his lifetime. Within 5 odd years Jan had made himself a name in western-European pigeon racing with a series of excellent results, like the 3rd Nat. Barcelona, 5th and 9th Nat. Marseille, 8th Nat. Perpignan, 9th Nat. San Sebastian, etc. From breeding with those pigeons he produced pigeons like
Witstaart (Golden Barcelona bird 1995-1997),
Husky (International Ace Pigeon Pau 1998-2002),
Black Magic Woman (National Ace Pigeon Pau 2004 – 2006)
Rainbow Warrior who won three National top 10 positions a new record in Dutch pigeon racing, and then in 2005
Victoria winner of 1st National St. Vincent.
The Steketee blood runs through them all.

In 2012 Jac Steketee sent 10 pigeons to the Barcelona Dutch National clocking 3 the of them with his first bird winning 10th National when 1,159 lofts sent 6,392 birds and 25th International from 25,320 birds. The winner of this race and 6th International was A Schults with a grandchild of Jac Steketee’s De Marseille (Dtr De Stamvader 788) on one side and De Stayer on the other. Also the winner of 1st UK National 475th International had the same bloodlines, De Stamvader 788 & De Stayer.


Above are typical Jac Steketee Pigeons


Also in this auction you will find two direct children of Pennine Heights (See Lots 23 & 24) a remarkable and once in a lifetime pigeon and winner of
1st Section NFC Tarbes 740 miles 2011
1st Open NFC Tarbes 3,290 birds with a velocity of 1136ypm in a head wind.
Bird of the year 2011, RPRA Award 2011


Pennine Heights Lot 23 24A

A great collection of Gaby Vandenabeeles including a double grandson of the super breeder Rudy (See Lot 34) and best son of the world famous Bliksem.


Two direct children of 4th Open NFC Tarbs 526 miles x 12th Open SNFC Young Birds Cheltenham 332 miles (See Lots 7 & 8).

National Girl 37 20 Lot 7 8

A direct daughter of 2nd Open SNFC Clermont 530 miles x 21st Open SNFC Clermont 530 miles (See Lot 11).

 Z. SU11F409

Two grandchildren of De Narbonne, Nouwen Paesen (See Lots 9 & 10)

Nouwen Paesen Lot 9 10

An inbred half-brother to Kimlyn winner of 1st Int. Perpignan 22,319 birds (See Lot 1).

1. NL10 1407554

Four direct Jac Steketee pigeons (See Lots 2, 3, 4 & 5)

Four direct Jac Steketee pigeons

An inbred son of Pauboy winner of 1st Prov Pau, 21st Nat Pau 3,020b. Pauboy brother to Blue Boy winner of 1st,1st,2nd,5th,8th Nat Ace pigeon Narbonne & Pau also 38th Nat Pau 3,020b, 60th Nat Narbonne 4,303b, 85th Nat Perpignan 5,409b, 94th Nat Narbonne 3,968b. See Lot 20.

Philip Geerdink Montage

NL14 1169746

 Half-brother to Zwarte As 69 winner of 1st Semi Nat Ace Pigeon 2012, 4th Nat. Ace bird ZLU, 15th Nat. Cahors 4,176 birds, 21st Nat. St.Vincent 3,824 birds. See Lot 22.

NL10 1642669

Zwarte As 69 (Reference Only)

NL14 1937464 A

Piet De Vogel

An inbred grandson of the super national breeder Zwart Goud the foundation breeder of Jelle Jellema and bloodlines of Klamper (g)sire of over 20 x 1st Nat & Int. winners.  
(See Lots 12 & 13) These 2 birds are 100% Pure Jelle Jellema Blood.

Zwart Goud De Klamper 2

Three direct Jan Polder pigeons (See Lots 16, 17 & 18) from the bloodlines of Victoria winner of
1st National St. Vincent 32,140 birds 2005
7th National St. Vincent 6,385 birds 2004

Three direct Jan Polder pigeons 

Four direct Rene Van De Weyer pigeons including a direct son of
The New Bourgesman fantastic racer and winner of
4th Nat Bourges 22,663 birds 495km
9th Nat La Souterraine 7,245 birds 610km (See Lots 26, 31, 32 & 35)
And many more exceptionally well bred birds.

Three direct Rene Van De Weyer pigeons

 The New Bourgesman