Premier De Rauw - Sablon

Derek 20020 birds bred from the best De Rauw-Sablon bloodlines Premier Stud have ever owned.
These birds have been on loan to a friend since Premier Stud relocated to South Wales from Hull and have bred some super birds, some of which have gone into the friend's stock loft and some he will race in the Nationals in 2020 and 2021.
20 birds were loaned out and all 20 returned and are now offered in their entirety. 
Premier Stud only purchased 26 original foundation birds of the De Rauw-Sablon strain but they cost Premier Stud over £250,000. This winning bloodline is responsible for many, many winners incl
1st Open National Flying Club on the south
1st Open NRCC Lerwick on the North and all things in between
These are the very last De Rauw-Sablon's owned by Premier Stud
Auction Starts on the 22nd August and Ends on Sunday 1st September.


Cardiff Breeding Loft 

Premier Stud's Breeding Loft In Cardiff

Gold Medals

Premier Stud Awards Including 4 Medals

1. GB15H45054

2. GB17P19503

3. GB15P32513

4. GB16P26540

5. GB16P27326

6. GB16P27482

7. GB16P27550

8. GB16P27674

9. GB16P27690

10. GB16P27921a

11. GB16P26581

12. GB17P21087

13. GB14P33171

14. GB15P32334

15. GB16P26737

16. GB16P27699

17. GB16P27732

18. GB16P27984

19. GB16P28025

20. GB16P28157