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Derek Walsh 200Derek Walsh of Dynasty Lofts first started keeping pigeons at 9 years of age before giving them up at the age of 22 to concentrate on his career. During this period he won mostly everything there was to be won, including Federations, Combines and 2nd National Thurso 460 miles with a bird on the day. Back then it was very difficult to get the right birds for them to win at this distance on the day.
As we all know pigeon racing gets in the blood and Derek often thought about the birds during his period away from the sport so when in 2014 his career and lifestyle gave him the opportunity to return he eagerly started planning and researching a new family of birds.

Auction Starts on the 22nd August and Ends on Sunday 1st September.




Derek Walsh Lofts 1

The Racing Lofts of Derek Walsh

Since 2014 Derek has regularly travelled to Belgium to source the best Sprint Pigeons money can buy including birds from Eijerkamps, Marcel Sangers, Dirk Van Dyck, Marcel Wouters but the backbone of his Family are the bloodlines of Leo Hermans who he has met on many occasions. In fact the breeding loft contains many proven grandchildren of the legendary Olympiade 003 who is considered to be one of the best breeders in the world and responsible for generations of outstanding breeders & racers. The breeding loft also has direct children of Di Caprio who is himself a world famous racing & breeding grandson of Olympiade 003. These bloodlines have bred for Derek National & Federation winners up to 3,000 birds. In fact Derek believes Dynasty Lofts owns one of the most prolific breeding sons of Di Caprio and the most expensive ever purchased.

Derek Walsh Lofts 2

Ariel view of the lofts

Also to be found in the stock loft are direct birds from the champion winning lines of Kanon, Blauwe Staff, Euro, Jackpot, Den Ad, Bolt, Bolt 11,Donker Leo,
De Kannibaal, Kittel, Blauwe Leo, Strik, Kleine Dirk,
In 2018 a new family of birds caught Derek's attention one that crossed with his already proven Olympiade 003 / Di Caprio lines should provide an exciting combination, the bloodlines of Dirk Van den Bulck. Who better to visit for quality breeding birds than one of the best D Van den Bulk performing racing lofts, Marcel Sangers. Over a number of visits Derek selected direct children from Gold Dust, Bratt, Konica, Skittel, Sofia, Syrah, Katu, Alicia, King, Tata, Kamala, Surin and a son of the super racing & breeding star Greipel.

Derek Walsh Lofts 3

Racing Lofts and aviaries in the background 

Derek in his constant search for the best has also purchased the sire and dam of Trigger winner of 1st Up North Combine 11,055 birds and recently sold for €15,000 as the bloodline is predominately Van den Bulck. Also to be found in the stock loft is Blauwe As winner of 2nd Ace Pigeon Grobbendonk 2013 behind Kittle & 1st Ace Pigeon Grobbendonk 2015. Blauwe As is already a proven breeder.

The Golden Pair Derek Walsh 1

Two top breeding children of Di Caprio owned by Derek Walsh. Sold to China for €50,000.

Mister Blue Skies IHU16S111863

Mister Blue  Skies winner of 1st National  Barleycove 1,980 birds.
Direct son of Daughter Di Caprio (See Above)

Also joining the stock loft in 2018 was a half brother of Pitbull and 11 grandchildren of this sought after winning Karl Laenen bloodline. Dynasty Pitbull lines are very much in demand and are responsible for 6 x 1st Club, 3 x 1st Federations from seven old bird races in 2019 (3,500 Pigeons)
In addition to all the super bloodlines already mentioned in the stock loft is a gem of a bloodline Sagan (Patrick Boeckx) winner of 1st Nat Ace Pigeon Speed Old Birds & Yearlings KBDB 2013. The stock loft houses an inbred daughter of Sagan, two direct sons of Sagan and two full brothers to Sagan. These last 4 birds were the first to be sold from Sagan anywhere in the world and have been joined in the stock loft by direct daughters of De Strik, Boonen & daughters from son of 4000 & Di Caprio. These eight super birds are directly responsible for many top performances up to 25,000 birds.

Sagan Belg 12 6108355

Sagan (Patrick Boeckx) winner of 1st Nat Ace Pigeon Speed Old Birds & Yearlings KBDB 2013.
The stock loft houses an inbred daughter of Sagan, two direct sons of Sagan and two full brothers to Sagan. 

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