Premier Stud Heremans - Ceusters & Van den Bulck

Derek Premier Home 200Another Super Draft Of Premier Stud Virgin Stock From the the Goldmine vaults of Premier Stud.
“Again they are all super quality and nothing that scored less than 9 on my grading system has been included in this online auction. I am so confident as to the quality of these auction birds and their ability to breed winners that any buyer who is not satisfied with their purchase
I will exchange the bird (a no quibble guarantee) and as I consider Lot 1. GB19N12655 & Lot 17. GB19N12590 to be two of the best available in this online auction I offer a money back guarantee if these two birds don’t breed winners for the purchaser.

Auction Starts 7th November - Ends 17th November

Premier Stud bloodlines are responsible for many, many prize winners at Fed, Nat & One Loft Races throughout the UK & Europe. In the 2019 Golden Algarve OLR where over 3,000 birds from across the world competed for 100,000 euros I am proud to announce that out of the first 10 birds home 2 were bred from Premier Stud bloodlines. 
Best of luck and continued success to the buyers” Derek Nicholls, Premier Stud

Below is the list of auction birds graded by Derek Nicholls, Premier Stud

Premier Rating Nov 2019

Below are the 25 birds offered for auction.

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