Delivery Arrangements

Walkers 200

Delivery Arrangements for J Hoogland & Comb Van Panhuis Auction Birds.

All birds are still abroad and there is a charge to have the birds delivered to you.

▪The buyer can either arrange their own collection from the Dutch lofts or we can book Mark Walker Transport on the buyer’s behalf to collect the birds.

▪All birds that are paid for no later than Friday 6th December Mark Walker Transport will collect the birds, pedigree and ring cards from the loft and deliver them direct to the buyer in mainland UK and N.Ireland on Thursday 12th December. 
Birds for S.Ireland will be available for collection on Thursday 12th December from a number of locations. Please advise your preferred collection address on payment

Herby Thorpe, Proudstown Pigeon Supplies, Borrowaddy Lane, Proudstown,
Co Meath 
Henry Byrne, Sandyhill Pigeon Supplies, Tower Lodge, Dunbro Lane,
St Margarets, Dublin, 
Sheldon Leonard, Crammonds, Mine View, Avoca, Arklow, Co Wicklow 

 ▪The current delivery charge to collect auction birds from a loft in Holland and deliver to England & Wales is £50.00, Scotland £60.00, Ireland £60.00 
This special rate only applies for birds that are paid for in full no later than Fri 6th December. For payments received after 6th December or un-cleared cheques Mark Walker Transport's normal delivery rates will apply.
This charge is for up to 12 auction birds collected from the one loft in Holland and delivered to one address. If you have birds to be collected from the two Dutch lofts you will incur two delivery charges.

▪The cost of delivery is payable in cash to the driver when he delivers your birds or when you collect the birds from the chosen collection point in S Ireland.

▪If you are a buyer from outside the UK or Ireland please contact us so we can assist with the shipment of your birds from the Dutch lofts.