C Jackson & Sons - Cornwall

C Jackson Sons Photo 200C Jackson & Sons - Heremans Ceusters
The partnership own an elite collection of Heremans Ceusters with the loft brimming with outstanding breeders. On offer are 22 mature superbly bred 2020 birds from their very best breeders and 2 older stock birds.

Auction Starts 5th November - Ends 15th November

Alan Atkinson Bereavement/Entire Clearance Sale

Alan Atkinson 17 September 200This auction comprises of the present day No1 breeder New Salto, the rest are mainly yearlings and due to Alan’s ill health were only lightly raced as young birds and not at all as old birds. These birds are bred from the best and are brothers, sisters and children of all Alan’s top racers and breeders.

Auction Starts Thursday 17th September - Ends Sunday 27th September 2020

Mark Evans Auction Catalogue

Mark Loft 2020 Sept 200Online Auction on behalf of Mark Evans.
The Master Breeder behind the World-Famous M & D. Evans Bloodlines.

Auction Starts 10th September – Auction Ends 20th September

Brothers, Sisters & Children of National & International winners

GB14J06158 200Fantastic collection of brothers, sisters & children of National & International winners bred by Mark Gilbert and G & C Cooper two of THE BEST National & International lofts in the UK. All 8 birds are DNA tested as a guarantee of parentage. Included in the 8 birds are 2 direct from the long distance Belgium champion Chris Hebberecht. All 8 birds were originally purchased on Pipa for a large amount. These bloodlines are highly sort after and the seller has assured us that they have all bred prize winners through to National level, but unfortunately there are no results to hand.

Auction Starts Thursday 3rd September - Ends Sunday 13th September 2020

Premier Stud Genuine Stock Reduction

Aug 2020 Premier Kittel 200Genuine Stock Reduction Of Proven Breeders Of Winners For Premier Stud

"As many of you know in my semi retirement I only have 51 breeding boxes in my loft & I intend to keep it at that low level permanently.
However I have bought back a few National and Multiple winners from the fanciers who raced them, and I must now keep some younger stock from the Premier Stud super breeder lines of Man O Chester, Better Than Bolt, Supersonic Mike etc as these birds become older.

Auction Starts Thursday 27th August - Ends Sunday 6th September 2020

New Delivery Arrangements from September 2020

thumb Courier 200

If you wish to book a courier over the telephone there are a number of couriers advertising in the British Homing World including Highflyers (From £45) who can be contacted on Tele 07887 781089 or 07763 12841.

We are no longer able to book delivery with Walkers Transport on customer's behalf. Walkers are requesting that all customers book & pay direct with them on their website (From £50)
Please ensure if you are booking Walkers for collection of your birds you forward a copy of your booking email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we have the delivery details for your bird & the Walkers booking reference number. This will ensure your birds & paper work are at the collection address for Walkers.

Xing Bo

Xing Bo Premier Collection 200A"In September 2019 Xing Bo from China purchased direct from Premier Stud 79 latebreds which left my loft early October to go to a holding loft to await export to China.
In December an import licence was issued to Xing Bo but for only 50 birds, so just before Christmas 50 were shipped out to him in China with the remainder due to follow in January. However it is now apparent that these 29 birds will have to remain in the UK for the foreseeable future due to the present situation in China. Unfortunately the holding loft is now needed for other birds booked in from February so Mr Bo has reluctantly decided to sell the remaining birds with AJ Redstar Pigeon Auctions.

Auction Starts Monday 3rd February - Ends Sunday 9th February

Jacob Poortvliet 1st National Chalons En Champagne 6,919 birds

Jacob Poortvliet 200Jacob Poortvliet wins 1st National Chalons En Champagne 6,919 birds & Fastest from 37,447 birds 2019 with Frau Antje. See Lot 4.

Jacob needs no introduction and has been a very successful fancier in Holland for many years and his family of birds are winning all over the world including England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, USA, Canada and many more. Jacob’s birds have been introduced by one of the biggest and most successful breeding studs in the UK. Many UK fanciers have also had great success with these bloodlines right through to National level.

Auction Ends 26th January

Nouwen - Paesen Golden Ten

Nouwen Paesen 200Here we have something very special for the Long Distance enthusiasts. On offer are 10 superbly bred birds bred by Nouwen- Paesen from the best of their long distance marathon family. These pigeons are based on the old original Cattrysse bloodlines that have kept these fanciers at the very top of their game since the 1960s. The Cattrysse pigeons were well known for excelling on very hard days especially from the distance and would turn up when nobody else had seen any.
The modern day stars of this family are Super 48 and Narbonne.

Auction Ends 5th January