Anthony Buttigieg The Class of 2019 Auction

Tony Buttigieg 200Anthony Buttigieg - South Wales Auction Two - The Class of 2019

Auction Starts on the 3rd October and Ends on Sunday 13th October.

Entire National Winning - Young Bird Race Team
In 2019 fifty squeakers were put into Anthony’s young bird racing loft. 
34 bred by Derek Nicholls at Premier Stud and the remaining 16 bred by Anthony.

After flying the full programme including 3 Nationals up to 250 miles & crossing the channel from Burbure, France 32 birds remain.

The birds successful competed in a number of Club and Fed races in the build up to the 3 Nationals winning a very respectable
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th Fed Marlborough beating 1,000 birds.

Premier Stud Heremans & Van den Bulck

Derek Premier Home 200The finest Collection of Heremans/Ceusters & Dirk van den Bulk from Premier Stud.

“I am proud to offer a truly sensational draft of 2019 bred birds from the very best HEREMANS CEUSTERS to be found”!
Derek Nicholls.

Auction Online Now - Ends 29th September from 1.00pm

Rimmington & Wright

Rimmington Wright 200Rimmington & Wright Racing Results
Miss Pauline winner of
1st UK Olympiade - 7th Sporting Class G Yearlings Brussels
1st Overall Federation Champion Pigeon 2016
6 x 1st Club
3 x 1st Section
4 x 1st Open

 Auction Starts on the 19th September and Ends on Sunday 29th September.

Anthony Buttigieg - South Wales National Winning Team

Tony Buttigieg 200"Anthony Buttigieg the Master of Young Bird Racing has successfully been flying a team of Premier Stud bloodlines for a number of years.
He has decided to sell all his birds except for Old Scrote who is12 years old and has not filled an egg for the last 4 years. Old Scrote will remain in the loft as a pet.
THIS IS NOT AN ENTIRE CLEARANCE SALE although every bird will be sold over 2 auctions with AJ Redstar.

Auction One – Entire National Winning Old Bird Race Team

Starts on the 12th September and Ends 22nd September from 1.00pm



Derek Walsh - Dynasty Lofts

Derek Walsh 200Derek Walsh of Dynasty Lofts first started keeping pigeons at 9 years of age before giving them up at the age of 22 to concentrate on his career. During this period he won mostly everything there was to be won, including Federations, Combines and 2nd National Thurso 460 miles with a bird on the day. Back then it was very difficult to get the right birds for them to win at this distance on the day.
As we all know pigeon racing gets in the blood and Derek often thought about the birds during his period away from the sport so when in 2014 his career and lifestyle gave him the opportunity to return he eagerly started planning and researching a new family of birds.

Auction Starts on the 22nd August and Ends on Sunday 1st September.

Premier De Rauw - Sablon

Derek 20020 birds bred from the best De Rauw-Sablon bloodlines Premier Stud have ever owned.
These birds have been on loan to a friend since Premier Stud relocated to South Wales from Hull and have bred some super birds, some of which have gone into the friend's stock loft and some he will race in the Nationals in 2020 and 2021.
20 birds were loaned out and all 20 returned and are now offered in their entirety. 
Premier Stud only purchased 26 original foundation birds of the De Rauw-Sablon strain but they cost Premier Stud over £250,000. This winning bloodline is responsible for many, many winners incl
1st Open National Flying Club on the south
1st Open NRCC Lerwick on the North and all things in between
These are the very last De Rauw-Sablon's owned by Premier Stud
Auction Starts on the 22nd August and Ends on Sunday 1st September.

Mark Evans 8 x 1st National winners.

Mark 200 Sept 2019 cropMark Evans auction online now. A world class collection of proven breeders including 8 x 1st National winners.
Mark has been involved in pigeons since the age of 8 and has just made the hardest decision of his pigeon career.
He has decided to reduce the number of pigeons he keeps so he can spend more time with his new wife and family.
So reluctantly Mark will be offering his older breeders up for auction including 8 individual 1st National winners.
This is a rare once in a lifetime opportunity to obtain some of the jewels from this world famous breeding loft.

Auction Starts on the 5th September and Ends on Sunday 15th September.

Koen Van Roy – March 2019 Auction List

Koen 200145 x 1st Prizes from 2015 - 2018
4th National Champion Middle Distance Old & YLG
1st Prov Champion KBDB Middle Distance Old Birds
2nd Prov Champion KBDB Middle Distance Yearlings
1st & 2nd Prov Ace Pigeon KBDB Middle Distance O.B
6th & 7th National Ace Pigeon KBDB Old 
Koen Van Roy only invests in the very best from all the modern day champions. 
On offer in this very special collection are direct children from his best breeders and racers.