Leach Brothers

LeachFamily 200Leach Brothers of Hebden Bridge- Major Stock Release & Select 2018 YBs
“After much thought and deliberation, we have made the very tough decision to part with the following proven breeders alongside our 2018 draught of quality select youngsters. Such is our confidence in these fantastic proven winning lines that we are hopeful the new generation of direct children and retired racers that are to be retained by ourselves will continue to reward us with the enjoyment of success that we and other fanciers have achieved with their progeny in recent seasons. Good luck to all prospective buyers” Adrian Leach.

Auction Starts 20th December - Ends 6th January

Nouwen - Paesen

Nouwen Paesen 200Nouwen - Paesen Belgium.
Here we have something very special for the Long Distance enthusiasts. On offer are 10 superbly bred birds bred by Nouwen- Paesen from the best of their long distance marathon family. These pigeons are based on the old original Cattrysse bloodlines that have kept these fanciers at the very top of their game since the 1960s. The Cattrysse pigeons were well known for excelling on very hard days especially from the distance and would turn up when nobody else had seen any.
The modern day stars of this family are Super 48 and Narbonne. Super 48 was the Best international Ace Pigeon of Barcelona between 2012 and 2014 wining the Gold Wing Barcelona, 1st Provincial 1,598 birds, 6th National Barcelona 8,764 birds, 25th International Barcelona 21,169 birds. Super 48 is now owned by Mark Gilbert (Southfield Lofts) and is now proving to be a fantastic breeder and is the sire of 1st National BICC Perpignan 2017 and 1st National BICC Barcelona 2018.

Jack Walker

Jack Walker 200AJack Walker - Major Stock Reduction.

Jack Walker needs no introduction to the pigeon sport and as everyone knows he is one of the most genuine fanciers in the UK. He has always purchased the very best regardless of cost but is not commercial and gives away many pigeons every year to his friends. Jack is now 81 years old and is finding it difficult to look after the birds. Reluctantly Jack must part with this fantastic collection of pigeons from some of the best loft in the UK.

Campbell & Curran Northern Ireland

Gerard Henk 200Campbell & Curran Northern Ireland
The partnership offer for auction 36 direct children from their Eijerkamp Leo Heremans including the exceptional lines of Den Euro, Nieuwe Olympide, Jackpot, Rossi, Dion, De Jan, Olympiade 003, Mysterious, De Caprio, Den 444, Rossi etc. 
Although they have only had this family for a few years they have really made their mark by winning many 1st prizes including 
15 x 1st in 2017 and 12 x 1st in 2018

Auction Starts 29th November - Ends 9th December

G W & P Macaloney

Macaloney 200G W & P Macaloney have achieved the following list of honours at all levels of competition and they have remained ultra competative for 4 decades.
First ever Golden Duif General Champion for UK & Ireland in 2016
Runner up Golden Duif General Champions for UK & Ireland in 2017
1st Open National Sartilly 508 miles
1st Open National Buckingham 295 miles
1st Open Scottish Central Combine Averanches 504 miles

 Auction Starts 29th November - Ends 9th December


Tam Blair - Castleview Lofts Entire Clearance Sale

Tam Blair 200Tam Blair - Castleview Lofts Entire Clearance Sale
Final Auction

Final Auction consists of 29 superbly bred 2018 young birds from Tam's BEST breeders which will be brothers and sisters to many top winning pigeons at Club, Section Federation, National & One Loft Races. If you are unfortunate not to be able to purchase something in Tam’s first auction which is ending this Sunday 25th November then this is a fantastic opportunity to obtain direct children from Tam’s super breeders.

Stewart Knowles - Widnes


Stewart Knowles 200Stewart Knowles offers for auction 25 superbly bred Leo Heremans from his best breeders. This family have performed exceptionally well for many fanciers all over the UK and racing under the name of Mellonby & Knowles they have won no fewer that 3 x 1st Combine with old birds, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Combine in the first young birds race and 2nd & 10th Combine in the final young bird race.
These birds contain the finest original Leo Heremans bloodlines of
Den Euro, Olympiade 003, Den 444, De Jan, Bolt, De Caprio The Safier Pair, Blauw Kampioentje.

Auction Starts 22nd November - Ends 2nd December

Direct Gebr Heeres & Zn Birds £50 Each

Gebr Heeres Zn 200

Fixed Price Clearance
These 7 birds from the championship loft of Gebr Heeres & Zn are available at the fixed price of £50.00 each plus delivery.
The birds are available for collection or delivery from Redstar in Rhyl, North Wales. Telephone 01745 355880 for more information.

Direct Gebr Heeres & Zn Birds £50 Each plus delivery.  

The Canadian Pigeon International Magazine.

CPI Ad 11 04 2018200The Canadian Pigeon International magazine
Where the Champions come to Sell & Read
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A publication dedicated to the sport of pigeon racing scheduled to be delivered to you the first of each month. Full of Canadian and international news and events, covering health, loft reports, one loft races, shows, sales and more!