Premier Stud Heremans - Ceusters

Derek Leo 20041 Hand Picked 2018 Bred Heremans-Ceusters From The Very Best Of Premier Stud
"I can safely say these are without doubt the very best draft I have ever sent to AJ Redstar for auction. Once again many, many winners reported to me during 2018, including 2 National winners bred by me from these sensational winning Heremans-Ceusters bloodlines.

Auction Starts 25th October - Ends 4th November

Roger Lowe New Laureaat Family

Roger Lowe 200ARoger Lowe is a perfectionist, his lofts and birds are immaculate so only the very best is good enough for Roger. Roger is well known for his highly successful National winning Little Diamond Family.

He has now invested heavily in direct children of New Laureaat winner of 1st international Barcelona from 25,382 birds.
Roger is offering direct children from his New Laureaat family including 7 direct 
children of Prince Charming top producing son of New Laureaat.
See Lots 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11

Auction Starts 18th October - Ends 28th October

D J Hawkins & Evans

D J Hawkins Evans 200On auction are 32 top class birds from the partnerships best breeders including 5 very special birds which were rung with M.N.F.C Gold Rings. Unfortunately due to a poor weather forecast the birds were not sent to the race. These 5 birds are bred from the VERY BEST. See Lots 1, 2, 11, 22 & 23.

104 x 1st National winners reported from this record breaking family.

Auction Starts 18th October - Ends 28th October

Doonan & Mc Guinness (Northern Ireland)

Hans EJ Stefaan 200Doonan & Mc Guinness (Northern Ireland) Stock Release Of Direct Eijerkamp - Stefaan Lambrechts
Due to the age of these breeders (2014 -2015) the partnership has decided to part with their direct Eijerkamp - Stefaan Lambrechts and put their best children to stock instead. On auction are 28 Stefaan Lambrechts bred by Eijerkamp & 2 direct from Stefaan Lambrechts.
These are beautiful medium build, apple bodied pigeons with silky feathering that OOZE QUALITY and would grace any loft.

Auction Starts 11th October - Ends 21st October

Garry Cox - Westway Lofts

Garry Cox 200In this auction there are some fabulous pigeons including 3 direct children of his No1 breeder
Wildwind Boy
sire to 11 x 1st Federation winners. See lots 1, 9 & 18.

Also there are some inbred and double grandchildren of

Wild Wind, Better Than Bolt, Man o Chester, Super Heremans, Super Sonic Mike, Fergie & Alexis (Parents to Better Than Bolt)

Gary is perhaps best known as the breeder of the magnificent racer & now proving to be a top producer Better Than Bolt.

Auction Starts 4th October - Ends 14th October 

Roger Lowe Little Diamond Family

Roger Lowe 200Roger Lowe offers 20 superbly bred birds from his National winning Little Diamond family with a sprinkling of New Laureaat and Harry bloodlines.

My Little Diamond1st Nat Flying Club YB Guernsey 5,408 birds
New Laureaat - 1st International Barcelona 25,382 birds
Harry - 1st National Blois 37,728 birds, 1st National Châteauroux 22,340 birds

Auction Starts 4th October - Ends 14th October 

Darling & Ede

Darling Ede 200ADarren Ede & Tony Darling (Darling & Ede) Southampton
The new stars of the National Flying Club.
The partnership have invested heavily in some of the best National pigeons in Europe to compete against the Best of the Best. They have at stock direct children from Athena, Friendship, Olympic Samanta, Cow Girl, Heartbreak, Charlene, Minerva, Champion Valitas, Boomerang, Harry, New Harry, Beauty Harry etc
They also have in their stock loft Champion Teds Lad, The Teletext, Viviane, Maggie, Champion Vagabond etc.
Darren & Tony wanted the best National pigeons money could buy so went to the likes of Jan Hooymans, Rick Hermans & Mark Gilbert.
Auction Starts 27th September - Ends 7th October

Private Treaty

Gebr Heeres Zn 200Private Treaty Sale
A unique collection of Dutch pigeons bred by Heeres Brothers & Son (Gebr Heeres & Zn) direct from all their best racers and breeders.
Gebr Heeres & Zn are quickly making a name for themselves in the UK with many top lofts having huge success with them.
These pigeons are extremely versatile and are able to win from the shortest to the longest race in their program against massive liberations.

Auction Starts 27th September - Ends 7th October   

Mark Evans Auction Sale List & Article

Mark Evans 200Mark Evans
Home of the World-Famous M & D. Evans bloodlines.
Auction Starts 6th September on
Mark is offering a complete full round of 60 x 2018 bred birds from his very best breeders.
The birds are rung with rings from GB18-Z-80301 to GB18-Z-080360. 
Unbelievable Quality. 
2 x Youngsters from Mark’s No1. Breeding Hen “National Carrie” Direct mother, grandmother to 1st National winners.
These will be the last two youngsters ever sold.