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GB17H25776 Chequered Pied

Lovely cock inbred to New Laureaat winner of 1st international Barcelona 25.382 birds, also Golden Wing Winner.

Winning Bid: £220.00 by Laura
Ended Date: 23rd January 12:20:00PM
Bid History
Bird ID: 156
Ring Number: GB17H25776
Colour: Chequered Pied
Sex: Cock.

Lovely cock inbred to New Laureaat 1st international Barcelona + Golden Wing Winner 2011/12/13  
also in the breeding 

Daughter of  New Witbuik 

Daughter De Narbonne 

G/daut - Harry  1st national ACE long distance pigeon. 

Naline 3 best Euro Hen 3 international PIPA ranking 2016 

Amalia won 1 interprov. 2745bs. 2 national 4507bs. 5 international Bordeaux 10.249bs 889 kms on the day.

Inbred Euro Diamond 

Sire Description:

Sire; bred by Battenburg V D Merwe;

G.Sire; NL15 won 15th National Agen 4679 birds 41st International Agen 9043 birds in 2016. Son of ‘New Laureaat’

G.G.Sire; ‘New Laureaat’ 1st Nat 10685 birds; 1st International 25.382 birds

G.G.Dam; Daughter of ‘New Witbuik’

Mother of 15th nat Agen 4679 birds, G/dam of 8th International Narbonne Yearlings she is daughter of 1st national Barcelona 2012.

G.Dam; NL15 bred by Battenburg V D Merwe; G/Daut J Hooymans champion ‘Harry’ also g/daut of 1st national 6th international Barcelona 25.320 birds;

G.G.Sire; Harry 956 of J Hooymans champion ‘Harry’ won 1st ACE Pigeon Long Distance; 1st Blois 37.728bs; 1st Chateaur 22.520brs; 3rd Chateaud 21.520brs; 6th Morline 4418brs; 15th Stromb 4258brs; 21 Chateaur 5496brs; 23 Epehy 3709brs.

G. G. Dam; Daughter of ‘New Witbuik’ daut of 1st Nat Barcelona 2012 mated to sister of 7th Nat Cahors 5279birds; 1st prov Perpignan 1033 birds; 13th National Perpignan

Dam Description:

Dam; bred by Battenburg V D Merwe

Sire; bred by Battenburg V D Merwe; sire of 83rd & 125th international Narbonne. Son of 1st Nat 10.685 birds 1st International 25.392 birds Barcelona. ½ brother to ‘Naline’ 3rd Best Euro Hen; 3rd International PIPA rankings 2016.

G Sire; ‘New Laureaat’ 1st nat 10.685 birds, 1st International Barcelona 25.392 birds,

G Dam; Dam of 24th National Cahors 5279 birds; 60th National Narbonne; She is a daughter of 1st National Narbonne,

Dam ‘Amalia’ winner of 1st interpro 2745 birds; 2nd national 4507 birds; 5th international Bordeaux 10,249 birds flying 889 kms on the day.

G.Sire son 1st prov Narbonne; 2nd prov Monteauban; ½ brother to 1st International Marseille;

G.Dam inbred ‘Euro Diamond’

Mother of 1st Inter prov 2745 birds; 2nd nat 4507 birds; 5th International 10.249 birds Bordeaux 889km on the day.