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Mother Teresa

Belge14 4250217 Blue White Flight

Purchased direct from Daniel 2014 bred winners

Winning Bid: £210.00 by thecool3
Ended Date: 23rd January 12:30:00PM
Bid History
Bird ID: 157
Ring Number: Belge14 4250217
Colour: Blue White Flight
Sex: Hen

Mother Teresa direct from Danial Aerens top Barcelona Specialist 

Sire; winner from Limoges/Angouleme/Orange/Narbonne;

Dam; Barcelona Hen winner; she won 3 consecutive years from Barcelona then Retired to Stock

TOP HEN both racing and breeding for Daniel Aerens

Sire Description:


Sire; winner from Limoges/Angouleme/Orange/Narbonne; 

G.Sire; ‘Limoge’ winner of 1st Prov Limoges; 

G.G.Sire; his sire won 1st St Vincent 

G.G.Dam; Barcelona Hen 211 

G.Dam; De 166 daughter 

G.G. Sire; Jonge Blauwe 

G. G. Dam; Shon Vaal

Dam Description:


Dam; Barcelona Hen winner of;

2007; 95th hens 1666bs; 294 national 5621bs;

326 International 7515 birds St Vincent

2008; 109 hens 3803 birds; 360 national 11484 birds Barcelona; 380 national 7603 birds; 575 International 17624 birds Barcelona 

2009; 86 hen’s 7636 birds; 128 nat 13503 birds; 269 International 27,669 birds Barcelona

2010; 370 hen’s 7711 birds; 525 nat 12641 birds; 1122nd international 25750 birds Barcelona

Retired to Stock  TOP HEN racing and breeding for Daniel Aeren's 

G.Sire; ‘Jonge Tee’ 

G.G. Sire;  7th International Barcelona 24.908 birds 

G.G. Dam; 1st International San Sebastian. 

G.Dam; Perpignan 

G.G.Sire; Son of Zwarte Pau 

 G.G.Dam; Sister Zwarte Pau