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Brockamp Snow Flake

GB14J13229 Blue Pied

Top Hen best of Euro Diamond Bloodlines

Winning Bid: £220.00 by Laura
Ended Date: 23rd January 12:00:00PM
Bid History
Bird ID: 159
Ring Number: GB14J13229
Colour: Blue Pied
Sex: Hen

Brockamp Snow Flake

Special Hen bred for stock by Crammond & Langstaff

Inbred to Euro Diamond

Brockamp Snow Flake is dam 75th section C 1489 birds; 276th open SNFC Bedhampton 6065 birds flying 400 miles 2017. Children flown SNFC Roye 523 miles in 2018. 

Her brother sold at BHW/ Show of the Year Charity Sale for £500

Sire Description:

Sire; Inbred to best of Brockamp’s International winning birds; Euro Diamond; Mistral; Armstrong; Hannah; Monica; Blauer Barcelona,

G.Sire; Grandson Euro Diamond

G.G.Sire; Son of Euro Diamond

G.G.Dam; G/Daughter Armstrong 1st international Perpignan 17.584 birds.

G.Dam; Daughter of ‘Tiger’ winner of 1st national St Pollen 9990 birds

G.G.Sire; Tiger 1st national St Pollen 9990 birds

G. G. Dam; Daughter of Armstrong 1st International Perpignan 17.584 birds

Dam Description:

Dam; Bred by Jutla Brothers

Granddaughter of Euro Diamond;

G/daughter of ‘ACE 21’

GG. Daughter Armstrong

G.Sire; Son of Euro Diamond from ½ brother / Sister pairing;

G.G.Sire; Euro Diamond

G.G.Dam; Sister to Mistral ½ sister to Euro Diamond; Hannah, Blauer Barcelona; Monica

G.Dam; Daut ACE 21


‘ACE 21’ winner of 1st national ACE pigeon Marathon 2006;

47th Nat Perpignan;

65th Nat Barcelona;

71st Nat Carcassonne 17.584 birds

G.G.Dam; Daughter of Armstrong 1st International Perpignan 17.584 birds