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Van den bulck

GB18Z22837 Blue

A fantastic cock

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Ended Date: 31st January 05:00:00PM
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Bid History
Bird ID: 167
Ring Number: GB18Z22837
Colour: Blue
Sex: Cock

His sire 60600 is a fantastic cock bred by Gibb & Byrne. Direct from the world class breeding pair ‘POGBA’ and ‘BLUE Rose’

‘POGBA’ is a son from brother ‘GOEDE ROSE’ x ‘OLYMPIC ROSITA’, ‘BLUE ROSE’ DNA certified dtr of ‘KITTEL’ x ‘BLAUWE OLYMPIADE’

Dam of 22837 is blue hen 49003 stefaan lambrect bred by les green is a half sister to ‘BOODEN’ sold for €15,600 RPRA Nat sprint champion winner 1st Feds 1st combine sire of 003 is a brother to ‘DE-POWER’ sold for €1,900 v-d Vulcan x THE KLEINE KITTEL Hen sold for €5,600 GB18Z22837 WILL GRACE any loft