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GSon of Jan Junior, Leo Herman

NL17-1621702 Dark Cheq

Beautiful Handling Cock, Only for sale due to being over stocked!

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Ended Date: 3rd February 08:00:00PM
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Bid History
Bird ID: 168
Ring Number: NL17-1621702
Colour: Dark Cheq
Sex: Cock

This cracking Dark Chequer cock would not be forsale, had we not been seriously over stocked! He has all the attributes we look for when selecting for the breeding loft.

A term that maybe is used to often in the sport, but our loss is definitely your gain!

 He is a Gran Son of Jan Junior, a super racer winner of 4 x 1st prizes & 19 top 10 positions, hes also a granson of Vici a winner several prizes as a young bird!

Sire Description:

Son of Jan Junior who is out of the world famous De Jan X Natalia,  Jan Junior a super Leo Heremans racer.

Winner of 4 x 1st:

1st Quievrain  1090 Birds

1st Quievrain 1022 Birds

1st Quievrain 399 Birds

1st Quievrain 155 Birds

2nd Quievrain 360 Birds

2nd Quievrain272  Birds

2nd Quievrain 240 Birds

3rd Quievrain 960 Birds

3rd Quievrain 532 Birds

6th  Quievrain 1065 Birds

Dam Description:

Vici 628, a daughter of Zwarte Victor x Vici.

Zwarte Victor being from De Valen 3 National Asduif Grote Half Fond, 3 Prov Asduif KBDB,

De Valen won :
12th Argenton  16363 Birds,

38th Chateaurox 22254 Birds

81st Bourges 19655 Birds.


Vici Winner of

1st Nijvel 3800 Birds
5th Nijvel + TT 9927 Birds

1 Morlincourt 2595 Birds

As a Young Birds, Mother to 3rd NPO Morlincourt TT!